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Humans Playground
Humans Playground

Humans Playground

Human Playground is a physics sandbox game where you can experiment with weapons, melons, and dummy ragdolls to build cars and houses. There are no limits to your creativity in this real-people playground and testing ground.

The game features a variety of objects that you can interact with, including:

  • Weapons: You can use weapons to shoot your ragdolls, blow up cars, and cause all sorts of mayhem.
  • Melons: Melons can be used as projectiles, or you can slice them up to create a mess.
  • Dummy ragdolls: Dummy ragdolls are your test subjects. You can use them to experiment with different objects and see what happens.

You can also use the game's physics engine to create your own unique contraptions. For example, you could build a car that can drive up walls or a catapult that can launch melons into the sky.

Human Playground is a fun and creative game that is sure to please players of all ages.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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