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Mole Heist

Mole Heist

Mole Heist is an exciting and strategic board game that takes players into the secretive world of moles trying to pull off an audacious heist. Designed for 2 to 4 players, the game offers a unique blend of planning, deception, and tactical thinking to outwit opponents and become the master thief.


In a quirky underground realm, a legendary treasure is hidden deep within a heavily guarded vault. Players take on the roles of cunning moles, each with their own unique skills and abilities, determined to steal the priceless loot while outsmarting rival thieves.


The ultimate goal of Mole Heist is to be the first player to successfully infiltrate the vault, bypass its security measures, and make off with the precious treasure. But the path to victory won't be easy as your fellow moles will try to stop you and claim the riches for themselves.


The game board depicts a maze-like underground tunnel system leading to the vault. Players move their moles through the tunnels, avoiding traps, and attempting to gather the required equipment and resources to crack the vault's codes and defenses.

Each player has a mole pawn that moves along the interconnected paths on the board. On their turn, players roll dice and move their mole to the indicated number of spaces. They can collect tools, equipment, and intel cards that aid them in their heist or hinder their opponents.

Tools and Equipment:

Different tools and equipment have specific functions, such as lockpick cards to disable traps, hacking devices to bypass electronic locks, and disguises to fool security cameras. Players need to strategize and decide when to use their tools for maximum impact.

Intel Cards:

Intel cards provide valuable information about the vault's security, rival players' actions, or potential shortcuts. Wise use of intel cards can help players anticipate opponents' moves and plan their own heists accordingly.

Security Challenges:

To make the game challenging and exciting, the vault is guarded by various security mechanisms. Players must navigate laser grids, pressure-sensitive floors, and guard patrols to reach the heart of the vault. Triggering an alarm can set back a player's progress or even expose them, leading to temporary capture.

Deception and Interaction:

Mole Heist encourages player interaction, where bluffing and deception play a significant role. Players can set traps for each other, mislead opponents with fake information, or even cooperate temporarily to overcome particularly tough security challenges.

Winning the Game:

The game concludes when a player successfully reaches the vault's center, unlocks it, and escapes with the treasure. However, a player might also win if they manage to capture all other players, leaving themselves as the last remaining thief standing.


Players can adopt stealthy approaches, avoiding conflicts and focusing on acquiring the necessary tools and intel to progress safely.

Aggressive players might opt for a confrontational strategy, targeting opponents' moles and causing chaos.

Collaborative strategies might involve temporary alliances to overcome especially difficult security obstacles.

Mole Heist offers a dynamic and suspenseful gaming experience, where every decision matters and the balance between risk and reward is crucial. With a mix of strategy, deception, and a dash of luck, players immerse themselves in the thrilling world of clandestine thievery as moles on a daring mission. Are you ready to lead your mole crew and orchestrate the heist of a lifetime?


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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