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Rolling City

Rolling City

Rolling City puts a unique spin on the popular concept of consuming everything in sight, reminiscent of games like In this thrilling twist, you're not guiding a cosmic void, but rather a dynamic ball rolling through an ever-expanding cityscape. As you navigate the urban labyrinth, your objective remains unchanged: grow larger by absorbing anything smaller than you.


Picture yourself at the helm of a mighty sphere, rolling through the streets with a voracious appetite. Your sphere starts modestly, perhaps as a small marble, but with each object it devours, it swells in size and power. From tiny street signs to towering skyscrapers, nothing is off-limits in your quest for dominance.

But the city is not yours alone. Competing against other players, each controlling their sphere, you must outmaneuver, outwit, and outgrow your rivals to claim victory. It's a frenetic race to become the biggest and most formidable force in the Rolling City.


The gameplay mechanics offer a blend of strategy and reflexes. You'll need to navigate the bustling streets, avoiding obstacles that could slow your progress or even threaten to shrink you down. Yet, every challenge presents an opportunity; cleverly positioned ramps and obstacles can launch you toward unsuspecting targets or shield you from adversaries.


As you grow larger, your sphere's capabilities expand as well. Maybe you'll unlock special abilities like a temporary speed boost or the ability to smash through barriers that once impeded your progress. With each upgrade, you become an unstoppable force, dominating the cityscape with ease.

But victory is not solely determined by size. To truly reign supreme in Rolling City, you'll need to master the art of strategy. Choosing when to engage in confrontation, when to lay low and silently expand, and when to strike with precision are all key components of success.


Beyond the competitive multiplayer mode, Rolling City offers a variety of challenges and scenarios to test your skills. Whether it's a time trial through a maze of obstacles or a survival mode against increasingly formidable opponents, there's always a new challenge to conquer.

With its addictive gameplay, vibrant visuals, and endless opportunities for competition and growth, Rolling City redefines the thrill of urban conquest. So, grab your sphere, hit the streets, and roll your way to glory in the ultimate game of domination.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Start Small, Think Big: Begin by gobbling up smaller objects like trash cans, benches, and street signs. This will help you grow steadily without drawing too much attention from larger competitors.

  2. Plan Your Route: Take a moment to scan the cityscape and identify potential targets and hazards. Plotting a strategic course can help you maximize your growth while minimizing risks.

  3. Utilize Obstacles: Ramps, slopes, and obstacles aren't just barriers; they're opportunities. Use them to launch yourself towards unsuspecting targets or to evade pursuing opponents.

  4. Stay Alert: Keep an eye out for other players and their spheres. Avoid head-on collisions with larger opponents, as this could shrink you down or even knock you out of the game temporarily.

  5. Master Maneuvering: Practice precision control of your sphere to navigate tight spaces and avoid hazards. Learning how to maneuver effectively can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

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