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Yasin Poop Rush
Yasin Poop Rush

Yasin Poop Rush

Yasin Poop Rush is an amusing and quirky concept for a game. In this game, players are tasked with a frantic mission to get to the bathroom in time to avoid an embarrassing and potentially disastrous situation.


  • The game starts with the player's character (presumably Yasin or a customizable character) in a specific location far away from the bathroom. The urgency is indicated by a meter or timer constantly decreasing.
  • The player must navigate through various levels or obstacles to reach the bathroom, all while making sure the urgency meter doesn't reach zero.
  • Obstacles can include everyday settings like crowded streets, shopping malls, or even amusement parks. Players must avoid people, objects, and other challenges that slow them down.
  • To add to the humor, players can collect power-ups or items along the way that can help them maintain their urgency levels, such as a cup of coffee or a fiber-rich snack. These items can also create comical side effects, like increased urgency or unexpected bathroom distractions.


  • A variety of different levels with increasingly challenging obstacles and scenarios.
  • Power-ups and collectibles that can affect the player's urgency level and offer unique gameplay experiences.
  • Leaderboards and achievements to encourage friendly competition among players.
  • Playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes, where players can race against friends in a split-screen or online mode.
  • A fun and lighthearted art style with comical animations, sound effects, and humorous situations.

The game Yasin Poop Rush has the potential to provide players with a mix of laughter, urgency, and strategy as they rush to reach the bathroom on time. It's the kind of game that would appeal to a broad audience due to its humor and relatable premise, making it an entertaining addition to the mobile gaming world.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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